Tips For Maintaining An HVAC System For Energy Efficiency

Are you interested in getting into the habit of taking better care of your HVAC system to keep energy costs at a decent rate? Maintaining an energy efficient HVAC system can be achieved by hiring a professional to perform maintenance on the parts every now and then. The article below contains a few maintenance tips that can be useful for the efficiency of your HVAC system. 1. Keep the Coolant Lines in Good Shape The coolant lines play a major role in the efficiency of your HVAC system when you are trying to cool down your home. The coolant lines are in place for transporting refrigerant between the condenser coil that is on the outside of the house and the

2 Energy-Saving Home Updates To Complement Your New HVAC System

Having an HVAC system installed in your home is a great way to ensure that your family stays comfortable indoors all year long. But with the convenience of an HVAC system comes the extra expense in energy costs each month. Luckily, you can make a few energy-saving home updates to complement your new HVAC system and help offset your heating and cooling costs – consider implementing the following effective options: Install New Windows Installing new energy-efficient windows is a great way to save some money and help offset the cost of running your HVAC system. Not only will new energy efficient windows lower your heating and cooling costs, but they’ll also help to minimize unwanted interior drafts so it’s easier

How To Replace The Gas Valve On A Gas Furnace That Suddenly Stopped Heating

Has your gas furnace recently stopped heating despite the fact that the pilot light is lit and the burner is working properly? There could be a malfunction in the unit’s gas valve, which controls when the gas supply enters the furnace based on whether or not the pilot lit is on. If the valve stops working, no gas will enter, and your furnace will lack the fuel it needs to heat your home. Replacing the gas valve isn’t difficult but bear in mind that failure to properly secure the new valve or the associated piping could lead to a potentially dangerous gas leak. If you have any doubts in your abilities during the project, stop what you are doing and